Latency when sending midi to Ableton

Hi everyone

I have latency when sending midi notes to Ableton.
See the image attached of the recording.
The Note in the Hapax is on the 1 and I have quite a delay on Ableton.

Where and how can I do sth. about it?

Is the only way to have 0 latency to work with Midi?

Thx for support!

I only recently started using Hapax with a DAW, Bitwig on a mac in my case, and I experienced exactly the same thing. It makes no difference if I use USB or go via MIDI DIN and a MIDI Interface. For now I’m just using the quantize option in Bitwig after recording and it mostly lines things up properly, but its still a bit disconcerting that this happens.

I’m not that experienced with this side of things so I dont rule out user error or ignorance on my part. I do have the clock and transport hooked up so that the Hapax is triggering the start of recording etc.