Latency between sequences (Pyramid)

Hi, while playing sequences there appear latency between sequences. Any idea how to fix it? Pic shows you what I mean.

What device are you using?

What do you mean? I sent MIDI directly to interface midi from Pyramid. Its mean other devices don’t affect for this bug.

Apologies: I didn’t know if you were using Pyramid or Hermod.
Thank you

Ah, ok. I understand now. That’s Pyramid.

it’s exactly two bars - just the sanity check – are your sequences set to time for two bars before they switch? Or are you referring to the fact that the time gap is slightly lager between notes when you switch sequences?

I’m referring to time gap is larger while I change the sequences.

I switched sequences randomly for tests.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a pyramid processing latency that’s happening there - though i’m not sure what in your sequences might be triggering it (like if they’re just simple mute states on a track or two or if you have more going on). I’ve never had that gap become noticeable in my music and i’m usually swapping patterns and several mute states at once - are you experiencing a timing hiccup when you play the pyramid? Are you running 4.01? Have you measured this gap in milliseconds to see how long it is?

I’d also be curious to see if you could isolate what it is in the sequence change that’s causing it - like, does the gap get bigger if there are more track states flipping? is it just patterns or whatever.

Anyways - if it’s happening on 4.01, I’d at least suggest making squarp aware of it though the more info you can give them the more helpful they shall be.

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