Lanscape Noon - Compatible? Check it out

Im interest in buying the Landscape Noon - If you havent seen it check it out, its a very different type of machine.

As its entirely passive they have voltage requirements - and amperage. Its works well with Eurorack and Arutiria Brute.

QUESTION: Anyone got one and tested?
QUESTION 2: I don’t have Eurorack and have yet to really get my head around voltage requirements but was considering a module to amplify or offset the CV to increase the ceiling on the Hapax from 5V up to 12 V. Would this work in theory? One could then explore different voltage ranges with the -5 / + 5V from the Hapax.

Any comments would be helpful. Thanks

if you amplify a 0-5v signal to 0-12v it doesnt mean you will have finer resolution, just that the values sent will be scaled.

Thanks - yeah I wasn’t so worried about resolution as the whole pitch set up is nonlinear, its more chaotic than that but from reading it seems if you scale or offset voltages it puts the voltages into different ranges which makes the whole instrument behave differently. ITs worht a shot.

I may being buying into the marketing but I like the chaotic and interactive idea of it as something tot create other rhythmic textures which is neither synth, drum machine nor plugin, and being able to do it without twiddling a mouse and just recording. Who knows - think Im going to give it a whirl.

  • Given the passive design of the device the reaction of the touch plates will vary greatly based upon what voltages are being received in which channel, how many channels are being touched, skin moisture and gate lengths. Using only trig signals can significantly lessen touch plate response.
  • Noon’s volume controls and mixing are done passively which can create situations for non-linear behavior, interaction between channels, audio bleed and at times affect overall chaos during droning patches. To fully mute a channel the mute buttons should be utilized because the individual sliders will still allow some audio through at the lowest setting. Noon’s two dedicated CV inputs are also passively summed to the even and odd channels. This can create cross talk, audio bleed and interaction between even and odd channels when utilized. We take these additional interactions as a feature rather than a limitation but that’s just us :slight_smile:

Keep us posted if you do pick up a Noon, I was wondering the same things the other week. It’s such a clever bit of gear.