Keystep as rev 2 controller in multisynth setup

How do you use a controller for a specific synth while still having it in a chain & connected midi in & out?

pyra out A —> P6 (CH 1) —> pyra & thru —> sub37 (CH 2) —> pyra
So far so good.

pyra out B —> rev2 (CH 3/4) —> pyra & thru —> tempest (CH 2) —> pyra & thru —> keystep32 —> pyra
The clock will complete the loop but I cant control the rev2 from the keystep. (rev2 is the module to be clear)

I’ve tried taking the tempest out of the equation.
I’ve tried pyra B > keystep > rev2 > pyra & pyra B > rev2 > keystep > pyra.
The former (i believe) allows me to use it as a controller but I can no longer record notation into the pyra.

I’ve tried all combinations without the tempest and cant get the rev2 notation into the pyra via the keystep.

I’m using a midi solutions merger to route all midi back in. Do I need a mio to help filter what goes in?

The frustrating part is it should be a pretty simple task for a device like the pyramid when you simplify what I’m trying to do. Given there are a good amount of synths that have no keybed and the pyramid takes cv I would image many people use it with multiple modules and one dedicated controller.

Thanks for any support.