Keystep 37 ideas -> Pyramid

Hey all,

Some really interesting ideas on the new Keystep 37 could be implemented on the Pyramid, notably VEL>NOTES and STRUM, starting at 14:25 –

What do you think?


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we can get close to the strum with Harmonizer -> Arp
I do think though its nice that on the keystep you can just select a chord, rather than have to select each interval - this would be great on Pyramid since you could then modulate the chord.

vel->notes : its a nice idea, and I can’t think of a way to do on the pyramid alone…

it be nice to have an FX where you could have velocity affect the note duration (/gate), this could then be combined with harmonise->arp to perform the function similar to the keystep.
(but be more flexible in use than the keysteps)

send a feature request to Squarp, perhaps they like the ideas too…



I don’t know how difficult it would be to develop these options and integrate them into Pyramid’s OS but they do feel like a small step away from what it can already do, so I’m hopeful.

Already sent feature request to Squarp :innocent:


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