Just ordered a Pyramid: What's the one thing I should do to prepare?

Just ordered a Pyramid, after a few months of researching options for my studio. Very much looking fwd to its arrival. What’s the one thing I should do to prepare before it arrives?

Read the manual many, many times


In addition to what the others suggested, check out some of the tutorial videos, like loopop’s comprehensive tutorial and those from Olivier Ozoux.

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Find and prepare the most honorable place in the studio for the Pyramid

yeah loopops video is fantastic…

main thing, I’d think about is how you are going to connect it to your various synths and controllers.
bearing in mind, you have one midi din IN, two midi din out, and 1 USB device (not host), cv
this is pretty simple for small setups, but for larger setups it can be more challenging … and might need addition cables or hardware (e.g. midi hubs)

also think about how midi data is going to be routed, who’s the clock master? is there a master keyboard?

the Pyramid is a great product, and easy to use - but its also very flexible, but with flexibility comes a degree of complexity - so start simple, understand that, and then build it up from there :slight_smile:


yeah thanks…yes my set up is super basic…one hardware keyboard/synth, one laptop with daw/vst’s.

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