Issues with midi controllers?

Hello all, I received my Hapax and i’ve been struggling a bit with getting my setup working as well as it did with the pyramid. I have a novation summit and a sub37, I like to use the summit as my main controller. The issue I’m having is that the only way I can get the summit to control the sub37, is by setting the track midi input channel to “all”. And when its set this way, aftertouch/modwheel/etc do not seem to function.

The strange thing is, when I set the midi input channel to the specific channel the summit is sending to, I can see both the hapax and the sub37 register midi notes, it just doesn’t seem to actually trigger anything.

Has anyone tried anything like this with any success?

I reported a bug on this very recently…

an issue where ALL works, but specific midi device does not… iirc, something to do with it using the wrong midi channel. (you can see midi output by pressing 2nd+Live)

anyway, Id suggest reporting a bug via the contact form, containing your details.

one thing Im a bit confused about… is why the AT/MW is not being sent with ALL, Im pretty sure that was working for me… again report as a separate bug,.

of course, with more users coming online… Squarp are aware that new issues will emerge.
they are really good at dealing with these, so Id hope we will see these wrinkles ironed out shortly.

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Just a slight update to this - it seems like modwheel and most CC’s come through most of the time, but aftertouch is extremely spotty and unresponsive when sending from one controller to another device. I monitored the aftertouch response on my digitone while playing some notes on the summit, and I can see the aftertouch bar moving a bit, but its completely erratic and only moves a tiny amount.

Has anyone been successful at using aftertouch on one device to control another device?

I’ve found that Mono Aftertouch (or Channel Pressure) doesn’t come through properly.

If I have MIDI Thru on, then everything is passed through as expected, but without MIDI Thru, and relying on the track selection to route the MIDI data, Aftertouch does not make its way through the Hapax.

Looking at the MIDI monitor, the MIDI in puts a new line on for every Aftertouch/Channel Pressure message, but they are all 0. This is then (for obvious reasons) ignored, and nothing is transmitting on MIDI out.

I have changed the MIDI in settings to ensure Pressure messages are no ignored (with this option, you don’t get any messages on MIDI in, rather than loads of 0 messages). I’ve tried on both MIDI inputs, with 3 different devices, so think it’s something weird on how it’s registering.

Poly Aftertouch seems to work absolutely fine, but I cannot see what is happening on the MIDI monitor, as having that open when you send Poly Aftertouch crashes the Hapax.

I’ve sent a bug report for this.