Issues with 1.01

OK, not just me then. I’m going to send an email tomorrow about the issues I’ve had but they should have responded here already, even a simple acknowledgment of our issues IMO.

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I totally agree, and I believe it’s about length of tap - not on the user end. The problem should be easily solved in software.
Expect an update soon.

Hi guys,

Thanks a lot for your feedback on the 1.01 version.

I was made aware of this thread by Sunshine and took note of all the bugs mentionned here. I hope that my silence here doesn’t make you feel like we are not taking care of all the bugs, we are working hard to make Hermod rock-solid !

If you experience some issues, please send an email to Having this process is way easier for us as we can maintain a chat with each users and pinpoint each individual bugs in a “procedural” manner.

We will probably release a minor update late friday or monday that will resolve all of the bugs mentionned here (and others).



Gate recording is still skipping some gates! and I get some UI glitches when recording CV yes I’m on 1.01 (see post here)

Any news on the next update? A few bug fixes will push this over the edge! :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,
With the release of pyraOS 3.0, we are a little bit in late with the hermodOS 1.02 release, it should be out this Monday.
Thanks for your patience!


Thanks for the update!