Issue with track entry point


I have the Pyramid since some weeks and liking it very much. However, I´ m not able to solve this issue:

I have different lenght sequences and some sequences (longer ones) starts in the middle of the track even though they´re in relatch mode. Is there a way to start every different sequence since the begining?

Thank you very much

that’s exactly what RE-LATCH mode is designed for !?

so not really sure what to check.
need to narrow down what the issue is in your case, as Ive seen others reporting… so assume there is not a general issue. (its quite a frequently used function)

are you sure the pattern is not restarting … and that there is not some oddity in the offset to the start?
(i.e. on seq display does it appear to not restart?)

p.s. I assume you are on latest firmware.

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