Issue with Behringer DeepMind12

For reasons I cannot understand, my Pyramid is triggering random pitch bends to my DM12. There are five devices connected to it (Alesis SR-16, Volca FM, 1010 Black Box, DM12, and Minilogue XD) via a MIDI splitter. Connecting the DM12 by itself or a different MIDI out doesn’t change this. It does not do it unless the Pyramid is sending MIDI. It happens on any Pyramid project.

Anyone have any ideas? I’m at my wits end!

Did you try calibrating the DM pitchwheel? A too narrow dead zone could cause it to react on mere vibrations. Edit: Or minor voltage variations from MIDI reception, especially with a marginal power supply. Failure in the analog domain can be far more subtle and entertaining…

At any rate, check Pyramid’s MIDI monitor to see if there are actual pitchbend CC’s being sent (and which way). That’ll narrow the field. It’d seem very unlikely for Pyramid to actually send such CC messages on its own.

Thanks for the suggestion on the midi monitor. Bizarrely the Pyramid is sending pitchbend signals without being asked to. Any thoughts on how this should be rectified?

Pyramid doesn’t invent MIDI events on its own. It can record and/or relay (depending on configuration) events from the inputs, or generate new ones based on what was programmed on it.

Disconnect all inputs, do the random events stop? If so, look at the device on the other end of the input cable as the prime suspect. Otherwise the source is the Pyramid, one way or the other. The rest is just systematically tracing it down - disable tracks one by one for lurking effects etc. What is the touchpad assigned to? It’s really easy to accidentally touch (several topics about that here) and could seem random.