Issue in Live Chord mode - additional chord playing with pad release

I am using Chord mode connected to a Novation Peak. On certain patches on the peak, when releasing a chord pad, there is an addition chord played that is 1 octave lower. Oddly, this does not happen when some of the modifiers are engaged (SUS2 and SUS4 for example) for some of the Chord positions, however, most of the chord positions result in the issue happening. The additional chord is payed when any other modifier is engaged, or with no modifiers engaged. It does not happen in Scale mode. I have tested with a different MIDI controller connected to the same patch on the peak and the issue does not occur.

This occurs with a completely default blank project.

This has been happening since I received the unit in mid January.

I updated from firmware 1.12 to 1.13 and it did not resolve the issue.

Hopefully there is something I have missed in the settings or configuration, but not sure how when it is happening in some scenarios of modifiers but not others.

Has anyone else experienced this?


A couple of other details:

  • also happens on my Sequential Take 5
  • Does not happen when Hold or Re-latch is engaged (might be obvious)


the best way to check this is to hit record, and look at the notes that are then recorded in the sequence.
this will give you definitive info about what midi is being sent.

I say this, since you say its with ‘certain patches’ on the peak… if its not doing it on ALL patches, then it does not sound like its the midi from hapax.

also the fact it happens on release is kind of odd… really hapax, should only be sending notes off at this point

but the above will reveal the details :slight_smile:

just a few obvious things, there
a) there are no hapax fx on the track
b) no modifiers are shown when you play the notes on the hapax screen? in particular take care with auto inversion, that might given unexpected chords.

but again I don’t see any reason of this to cause an extra chord to play

NOW, there is one common reason for extra notes to be played on note realise (note off).
midi feedback loop.
basically, a feedback loop creates additional note on/off, that are slightly delayed, and this will often confuse synth engines - getting oddities like playing notes when you release a key, instead of pressing it :slight_smile:

… so make the local = off on the synth, and/or simply disconnect midi input on hapax to test for this.

Yes, first thing I would think is a midi feedback loop. As thetechnobear suggests: disconnect any midi input on the Hapax. If you’re using usb, disable the midi input on the track settings

Thank you for the suggestions. Here is what I have found:

  • There are no Hapax fx

  • There is nothing connected to MIDI IN on the Hapax

  • There are no modifiers shown on the screen

  • When connected to my Take 5 I recorded playing a chord. Only the 2nd chord (the one that happens upon release) is recorded. That seems odd that the initial chord is not recorded. Does this help clarify or point to something like a midi loop?

I am connected directly from MIDI B Out on the Hapax to MIDI IN on the Take 5.

Thanks again for the suggestions!

Hi @Thibault_Squarp, is there a test mode I could enable to see if this issue might due to physical defect on my Hapax?

I have submitted this issue to Squarp support contact as well.


did you record the midi? as I said, that will show you what message are being sent…
and you can look for this extra chord.

(good news, I doubt its hardware fault… almost certainly something to do with the setup, or perhaps a blizzare bug you’ve found… but we don’t know how to replicated)


Yes, I recorded the MIDI, and it does not record the initial chord when pressing the pad, but does record the chord that is generated when releasing the pad. Seems very odd.

I tested again this morning with nothing hooked up to any MIDI ports on the Hapax, new blank project, new firmware applied (1.13) and it does this behavior straight away.

Clarification - I think the issue is only happening on certain patches on the Peak and Take 5, and intermittently. The same patch on the Take 5 that had the issue yesterday is not today.

Also to clarify, the chord that is getting recorded when the issue occurs is 1 octave lower than the chord I am playing. On patches where the issue is not occurring it is recording the correct chord octave.

yeah, Ive no idea how/why you would get this…unless you have a midi feedback loop

its working fine for me …

how can the patch you have selected on the Take 5, have any bearing on what’s recording in the sequencer, unless you have midi coming back into the hapax…
that makes no sense.

sorry, I’ve literally no idea, what’s going on…

how are you connecting the take 5?
if you are using usb, you do realise usb midi is bi-directional !
in which case this is the source of your midi feedback loop.

and to prevent this, you need to turn local control = off. this will be in the manual some where

I have no USB connections. I don’t know how this happening, but that’s why am trying to get some help, it makes no sense to me either. If I plug in a simple beat step midi controller through a midi merge box the issue doesn’t occur with that controller but does with the hapax. There can’t be any midi loops can there with one cable going for the out on the hapax to the in on the peak? I can see on the peak voice led display though the release chord happening. Doesn’t happen on other midi controllers.

Let me know if there is any more advanced investigation that is possible, like turning on a debugger and see what the code is doing?

maybe it is some remote corner case and I just can’t use chord mode on these patches, which would be a bummer.

Thanks for the help, really appreciate it!

Also want to mention - my setup with the peak was sequenced by a Pyramid for four years using the exact same cabling and patches with zero issues.

sorry, but if you have no midi input into the Hapax, I seriously have no idea whats going on.
… and as you can see on the forum, no one else appears to be reporting anything similar,

so all I can suggest is raise an issue with Squarp via the contact form .
that is the way to get ‘official support’ for both bugs or hardware issues.

When you say “record the MIDI”, are you recording the MIDI on the Hapax and then looking at it in Step Mode?

Thank you @thetechnobear for the help, I am working directly with Squarp support on the issue, will update once we have resolution.


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Maybe try and flash the latest firmware once more?