Is there a way to save assignments to the knobs and touchpad?

I understand that instrument definitions help a lot, but do i have to assign all the same knobs every time i start a new project? thanks

why don’t you make a template project thats empty accept for your mappings etc?


Ahh, good idea with the autoload function! thanks!

Sorry for thread necro -

Is saving the Project still the only way to do this? The problem with the autoload function is that it can only load the last saved Project, or the last loaded Project…but the situation in which you would need a default / template Project is likely to be neither of those.

Ideally Assignments should be attached to the “Save Tracks Info” feature…because we Save Tracks to get recallable Track states without depending on any particular Project.

Thoughts? Or is saving a dedicated Project with Assignments the only way to do it?