Is there a manual for v3.0?

the pdf is for v2.0 i believe.
is the manual that’s on the site updated to 2.3? or is it still 2.0? it doesn’t say.
is my best option for having a complete paper resource to print the changelogs for the last two updates(2.3 and 3.0)?

The existing manual is for v2.x, there were no new features introduced between v2.0 and v2.30, only bugfixes. There’s no v3.0 manual because it’s not even released yet, but for new features see and


As @pea pointed in the v3.0 release topic, the on-line manual at has now been updated for v3.0, although it doesn’t advertise itself as such. The pdf is still for v2.x only.

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I really wish the manual could be updated to v3 also : maybe some time in a near future ?
I would also be glad to have a printed A5 manual : while the workflow is intuitive, from time to time there are stuff which i need to check in the manual, and as Pyramid got me away from the computer when making music, i don’t want to go in front of my laptop just toread the manual :wink:

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