Is sus4 broken?

So the manual says:

  • sus4: 5th is replaced by 4th.

But replacing the 5th with a 4th always sounds… bad. Looking at wikipedia, it says:

the suspended fourth … chords built on C (C–E–G), written as Csus4, … have pitches C–F–G

In other words, the 5th isn’t replaced by a 4th. The 3rd is replaced by the 4th (just as how, in a sus2, the 3rd is replaced by a 2nd).

This would seem to be much more musical and useful. Is the current behavior replacing the 5th a bug, or am I using it wrong?


If replacing the 5th is how its behaving (i.e., it’s not just a mistake in the manual), then that’s certainly a bug. Sus chords replace the 3rd, not the 5th.

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Yeah, it definitely replaces the 5th in actual usage. In chord mode, a Cmaj + sus4 plays C-E-F.

Oddly, the chord analyzer correctly detects this as an F M7(1) rather than a sus4, so their definitions are correct. Just this modifier is wonky.

I’ve submitted a bug report.


Squarp got back fast. This is a bug and they want to have it fixed in the next version. Thanks, all!