Is Rample stable these days

Hi I really like the rample features but resisting as I had a friend that had it and it kept crashing on him.

The only way to reset was to power cycle the case, not good during a set.

Is the hardware and OS more stable these days?

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yes, ive not had it crash in a very long time.

for me, I only ever had it lock up in the original firmware.

the original firmware caused some kits to become corrupted which in turn mean the rample would lock up when these corrupted kits were loaded.

the cause of the corrupted was fixed in first firmware update (iirc).
however, it does require that if you have a corrupted kit, you reload the kits on to the sd card (which you can get from Squarp).
(this meant some users had issues after this firmware releaase if they were unaware of this)

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I really want to scream. I pray these guys can figure out the problem. I am afraid that I will have to take this out of my performance case and bag the idea of purchasing the sequence module. It’s been three months and I am a bit annoyed.

Haven’t had a crash myself, yet - everything as expected. (knock on wood?)

fwiw - I purchased with latest OS already loaded. I’ve played through all the included sounds and added a handful of kits I’ve authored myself. All quite fun. I’d recommend it, I upgraded from pico drum which was fun (and smaller!), but loading samples onto rample is 100x easier, which means I actually do it.


what problem? you have not posted about any problem on this forum as far as i can tell.

as I mentioned above, I don’t remember seeing any issue with recent firmware,
excluding issues attributed to corruption caused by firmware 1.0 - this can easily be fixed by formatting your sdcard, and replacing kits ( * )
( * ) a copy of the sample packs can be requested from Squarp.

I haven’t tried putting in my own samples yet, since I’ve had it, it would crash may be about 6 times but I have a strong feeling that it could be voltage trigger issues. It chokes on a high over 122 bpm plus - I am triggering from Knights Gallops. My PICo’s on the other hand never crash, so I kept them around just in case. I am hoping that they can fix this issue. I might have to nurse the Rample in my small 4ms cases so if it crashes, I can at least power it up again.

Curious. My friend with the frequent crashes typically only plays 125 and higher bpm. Is it a bpm thing?

How fast can it trigger samples and not crash?

Just FIY, we are actively working on it, and should be releasing a fix soon, in the next release (ETA 2/3 weeks).

I agree it’s been a long time coming, and I’m sorry about that, but because it did not impact all machines in all environments (as can be seen in this thread), it’s taken us some time to procure some machines that did fail on our testbench. This sneaky bug sometimes happened to a customer, and after recalling the unit, it worked perfectly in our setup…

tl;dr: Bugfix is coming soon-ish


How’s that bug fix coming along? Waiting on this thread before I take the plunge on this module.

It has never crashed to me, sometimes it has some strange behaviour, definitely not a bpm issue I play 155 to 190 bpm with no problems at all.

I received my new Rample module yesterday and it has crashed now 6 times. For the first crash it was receiving a 120 bmp clock from Pam’s New Workout, and I was messing with the freeze effect. The next 5 crashes were all when I had CV coming out from a Lifeforms Touch Controller again controlling the freeze effect under 90 bpm. To me it seems like the freeze effect perhaps and not the clock speed?

Should I return my module for a replacement? I literally just received it so I am sure I have a return window. I love this thing by the way… please fix this crash bug!

It is running the latest 1.3 firmware.

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it would be best if you contact squarp directly with full details via the contact form

hopefully they can test with your specific use-case, and see if they can reproduce and so determine if it can be fixed in a future firmware update.

a reminder, to all, please report bugs directly to Squarp with details - rather than assuming some general instability, that is waiting on a known bugfix.

e.g. in this last case there is mention of perhaps it being related to the freeze effect, this has not been mentioned previously - so perhaps is a different bug - so best not assume its the same as previously mentioned.

Thank you, I have submitted a detailed bug report as directed.

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I am waiting patiently because I really like the module and how it sounds. It was my ace in my case until I started having problems with crashing. I really don’t want to get rid of it and nor would I talk bad about your module. I know it takes time to figure things out and hope we can put this behind us.

All the best to you…

@thetechnobear Thank you again for your direction. I wanted to follow up letting you know support contacted me, and instructed me what to do to fix the issue. It worked with great success! I have been putting the module through all kinds of intense CV configurations with the effects and different sample packs with little to no issues now.

Amazing module! Can’t wait for more updates as this thing evolves :wink:

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Awesome, what did they have you do to fix the problem?

excellent news, really glad to hear you got it working.
happy patching

They had me format the SD card using the official software, then I downloaded the latest sample/kit pack and copied it over to the freshly formatted card.

I guess some units can come with corrupted samples/kits and evidently was causing the instability with my particular module.

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hmm. did you ever have the older firmware on the rample?
even if you just ran it quickly when you very first got the rample.

(If not, I wonder if its possible that some sdcards potentially come with a bad image)

as I mentioned in my first post, this is a known issue , the very first firmware release would occasionally corrupt a sample/kit. at that point, it doesn’t matter what firmware you run, that kit is ‘broken’ and will cause various issues, including crashes.

the thing that confused many, was they might not notice for quite a while since they didnt use the corrupted kit - so they might (mistakenly) think it was a new issue, firmware or something they were doing that was new.

anyways, as in the first post.
if anyone has issues with stability - first thing to try is reformatting the sdcard and replacing samples - and see if that improves the situation. ( * )

( * ) as stated above, unfortunately as the factory samples contained licensed material, you have to approach Squarp to obtain a fresh copy. we cannot juse post a link to them here.

Great news, the new update did the trick, and I am able to perform with it live for 45 mins without any hiccups. I push it down to the lowest bpm and all the way to 148bpm. It didn’t even budge when I kept throwing the kitchen sink at it. I am very particular with rhythm and melodies so I needed a drum module that can keep up with me - I am so nasty with it now. Thank you!!! Yes, I am happy lol - A great module - I am ready to get that sequencer next for sure…