Is Pyramid for me?

Hi! Before I start I would like to state that I know this equipment is capable of immense sequencer capabilities, most of which I will only begin to grasp after spending countless afternoons playing with it. But for a start, I would like it to attend to a very specific need, and I would like to know if this equipment would fulfill it completely.

For now I use as a main sequencer a Roland Juno Stage, despite it being a large 76-key synth with an awful sound. Which I am eager to replace.

What I do is that I program Midi songs with let’s say, 8 synth tracks and a drum track in my computer. Export it to a pendrive. Put the pendrive in the Juno stage. Simply press play to the song. And it would sequence my others synths accordingly. Very simple process. But I failed to find any sequencer who would perform such a simple task, or, is it such a simple task that no one ever cared to demonstrate it (?).

Anyway, can I do it (simple as it is) with the pyramid? I know I would be able to do a lot more than that, but for a start that’s what I really want. Sequence my synths from a midi song I programmed with no computer or a behemoth 76-key keyboard.

Thanks for any responde in advance :slight_smile:

that’s exactly what the pyramid does so well. u can build sequences directly on the pyramid rather simply using a step sequencer with piano roll or recording the notes live. and yes u can do much more but it’s not so difficult and it’s a fun way to spend time.

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what format are the songs exported as ? .mid ?
May be worth sending one to Squarp support so they can confirm it’s a compatible format ?

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Yes they are in standard midi format .mid! Do the pyramid reads mult-track midi songs pre-programmed on a computer and transferred to it via SD?

Hey. Thanks for your time! I think I’ve found what I’ve been looking all these years