is it possible to get Rample to display custom text on its screen?

Hi, I have a bit of an unusual request - is it possible to get Rample to display custom text on its screen? Even if just briefly. For example, if I make a custom pack in a folder on the SD card and name it a certain way, can I make Rample display the name? Or is there any other way to achieve this? Thanks


I know you could do something similar to what you’re describing with a BomeBox and a small LCD display (I have that project on my ToDo list). You could probably do something with an Arduino (Teensy?).

the packs need so be named as letter+number , e.g. N34 (as explained in manual) ,
so you cannot have a ‘kit name’

however, sample names are displayed (well first 7 characters) , if you press trig button (1-4) whilst you are selecting a kit.
e.g. if we have in a kit

1 high tom.wav
2 med tom.wav
3 low tom.wav
4 low bell.wav

then when you select kit, and press 1,2,3,4 - you will see (respectively)
high tom, med tom. , low tom. , low bell.

note: it drops the ‘sample number’, also I assume it uses the first layer when there are multiple layers on a sample slot- though ive not tried with other layers, perhaps it’ll cycle thru them?

obviously the purpose of this is to give the user some (rough) idea, what is in each sample slot.
its kinda handy to know which sample is which , but given the size of the display, once it starts scrolling I find it a bit difficult to read … which is probably why its limited to 7 characters.

thats all the functionality there is , if you have ideas , you can suggest to squarp via the contact form

It would be nice if the Squarp could perhaps have a kit name in a similar fashion to sample names.
e.g. name the folder ‘N23 808kit’
then when you selected the kit, it could display 808kit, rather than N23…

personally I find remembering the kits (excluding my favourites and my own) pretty tricky, but if they had useful or even just memorable names, Im sure they stick in memory better.
(that said, its easy enough to select and preview samples, so not really a big deal for me!)

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That was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you so much! Didn’t know it could display the sample names

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