Is it possible mute individual drum "tracks" in a pattern?

If so, how? This wasn’t obvious to me.

Yes mute + row button. It will mute instantly unlike mute + track button.


Ok, thanks!

It is actually Rowpad + Mutepad (in that order), but you must have figured out that now I suppose.

For me it would be logical to have it the other way around (as you mute Tracks) so you can mute more than one trackrow with a row between that you don´t want to mute (and not select all rows between two Rowpads), but I can see that this also is logical.

By the way, this also works for any note row in the Poly Sequencer step mode, too!

That is nice and as it should be, but would´t it be even more nice if you press Mutepad and then Rowpad to mute a row?

Guess it’s a way of differentiating between the two levels of mute, project level (to mute tracks) and track level (to mute notes)

Perhaps so. I’m happy to have a function to mute tracks in a track and it works well as it is. Just a thought. :slight_smile: