Is it possible: Default Project File?

Hey guys I have looked through the manual, is there a way to make the hapax load a default project? I have a template I made for myself and wondering if there’s a setting to load it by default. Thanks!

I don’t see anything like this in 1.0, but I’m hoping that they add the ability to load a default template when Hapax starts. That way, I can have all my tracks and project settings defined, but the very first time I try to save, it will do a “save as” instead of a save so I don’t accidentally overwrite the project.

yeah, Id expect this… we have on pyramid/ hermod ability to change startup project load behaviour.

I also hope they include the ‘template project’ feature from the hermod.

also we are missing the delete project option from the pyramid.

theres some areas like this, which I think are very likely already on Squarp’s to do this, but didn’t make it to v1. its normal dev practice to do a feature freeze, so you have a ‘stable’ firmware for product release.

that said, anything you feel is missing, you can send a feature request to Squarp via the contact form.
from there they can tell you if its planned, or add it to the list :slight_smile:


Ok just checking, I sent them a contact , I just don’t want to bog them down too much thanks!

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