Internally linking tracks

Got the Pyramid a couple of days ago, and loving it. I have a few questions, but I’ll start with this; Is it possible to internally route tracks? As in, have MIDI data and FX on tracks 1, and send that data to track 2?

Oh, that would be effin sexy but no.

Can loopback, tho.

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As in manually with a midi cable?

Yup. Or route USB data from out to in via a MIDI Processor or router. I think you can do it with a Mio10.

I’ll probably try the USB thing tomorrow (Monday)

It would be a great feature to be able to link tracks, would definitely make certain parts of the workflow faster, it’s something I do in Ableton Live constantly. It’s quicker to update a single track (Or clip in Live) than it is to update all of them.

This is a side question that has likely been asked and I just can’t find it with the Search function, but for what reason is the Quantize effect always applied, whether it’s turned on or not?