Instrument Definition Syntax Help

Loving my Hapax, but had a few questions about Instrument Definitions (that section of the manual is a little sparse!).

First off, is it possible to set program change settings in the instrument definition? Ideally I’d want all my definitions for Elektron devices to be set to Pre-Send, and it creates a little friction going in and setting it on the tracks each time.

Second, what is the intended behaviour of the DEFAULT arguments? My understanding is that the default value in automation will result in automation lanes on new patterns holding a constant value. But for assign, I’m not really sure when the default value applies: just at track creation? And the default values you can put in the specification of the CC/NRPN fields itself is even more mysterious - when does this default apply? Is it to both Assign and Automation?

Third, what is the intended syntax for CC pairs in instrument definitions? The template only covers CC and NRPN.


I agree, this makes sense as a per instrument setting. Worth filing a feature request.


Awesome, thank you for this! Can finish my definition files now.

Looking at the template again I’m now realising that DEFAULT isn’t even part of the syntax for AUTOMATION, so I must’ve got muddled up. Should I understand DEFAULT for CC as working the way I thought it did for AUTOMATION? Eg. if I activate a fresh pattern, it sends out those values?

Default value behaviour changed with the latest firmware update. I think before that, the default didn’t really get sent. Messed up my projects/presets when it finally got sent. So far I haven’t bothered trying to find out how it works exactly.

Is any special syntax needed to let Hapax know a particular device supports 14bit resolution?

Or does it know to send a 0-16383 range of values automatically when supported?

I think you’ve got to put it in your NRPN lines. Eg.

1:101:14 FOO

Where that 1:101:14 is LSB:MSB:BIT.

I’ve got a new question after successfully getting CC_PAIRs in my instrument definition: how do I add them to AUTOMATION? This


gives me a syntax error on Hapax - I’m not sure what else would be sensible to put here.

EDIT: After experimenting yesterday I also don’t think DEFAULT is working for CC_PAIR

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This is a bug, it will be fixed soon.