Instrument Definition Program Change Guidelines?

I was trying to setup the Hydrasynth to have preset names inside the instrument definition. From what I can tell you only can have PC 1-128 with names, changing LSB doesn’t reference the preset names of that bank listed the definition file, is this correct? I defined MSB and LSB and bank 1 is mostly good.

Couple weird things, Hapax doesn’t allow me to have PC 11 I have to remove it to get the rest to work. This is on all banks, I listed all 5 factory banks in my file.

And another weird one, the last preset name it displays is the first in bank B.

Anyone else done any extensive program change additions to their definition files? At the end of the day im ok without it, I was just going through a bunch of definition files and have been chipping away at this one.

Hi @ekkomouse

That’s weird, sounds like a bug.
Would you be so kind as to send us your file so I can take a look?

Ok I did through contact form.