Instrument Definition - Assign Questions

My assign tab in the instrument definitions are not working. I am confused. The only example given by the team is this:

1 CC:70 # Channel select
2 CC:30 # Tone Spectra
3 CC:31 # Tone Pitch MSB

What are the “#” for? In the instructions, I do not see any instructions to enter a “#”. But in the example it is there? Also, there are no examples for NPRN assigns. Can anyone provide some current NPRN examples for assign?

# is commonly used to indicate a comment, ie something the computer (Hapax in this case) will not process at all.

The syntax for how to use NRPN in the assign section is provided in the # comments above the section.

#### For NRPN, value must be MSB:LSB:DEPTH, with both lsb & msb bebtween 0 and 127, and DEPTH being either 7 or 14
#### For NRPN: DEFAULT_VALUE must be a valid number, either between 0 and 127 (for 7 bit NRPNs) or between 0 and 16383 (for 14bit NRPNs)

1 CC:70
2 NRPN:1:56:7
3 NRPN:1:20:14 DEFAULT=200 # An example with default value

thx for the info @polynil … i missed it.