Increasing the usb midi channels on the Pyramid

Currently I use my Pyramid sequencer to run a couple of standard midi cable routes. But I’m preferring to use usb midi with some of my synths and my Analog Rytm. I run my Pyramid usb midi tracks out via a usb hub, and also mapped to my iPad, (via the AUM app and its Midi Matrix). I don’t use a computer, I only use iPads for recording and midi management. My problem is that I’m already use 15 usb midi channels. And that only leaves me needing more usb midi channels. Is there a device or a way to increase my Pyramid usb midi channel count? (Whilst still being compatible with my iOS compatible device?) I’m currently looking at an iconnectivity midi box. But am I limited to 16 usb midi recording channels with the Pyramid? Lots of questions, thanks for any tips! :nerd_face:

If you’re going into a hub, why not a DIN MIDI to USB? Like a Roland UM-ONE?

Im assuming you know theres only 16 channels in MIDI, but 3 Ports on the Pyramid (2 DIN, 1 USB) -so you have have 3 separate data streams of 16 channels each.

Im not sure of this works. Maybe someone smarter can pipe up. I use a couple of UM-ONEs into my hub but i have a box the hub is plugged into that handles routing

Thanks for your input! You’ve helped me rationalise things. I will look for a iOS compatible Midi Din to USB converter, and use on of my lesser used Pyramid Midi Ports!

Possibly something like this will solve my riddle… Kenton

Hobbytronics used to have a more compact one. I think theres another company with a compact version, also. But i think rhe Kenton is powered and that would be better because i think the Pyramid does low power (3.3v) MIDI (as oppsed to the previous standard of 5v).

I dont know what the difference between that and a UM-ONE would be.

If you try that, please please please update this thread. Id love to hear. I used to hate USB MIDI because my computer would buffer the data into jitter hell. Now breaking the laptop out of the mix i love love live USB MIDI.

I will update, once I work this out. The Kenton looks like it will definitely work. I am wondering about the cheaper Mio 2 Here I’m still not sure if it will do Midi Din to USB. And I’m not sure it is the solution… Cheaper though. I’m learning to love USB midi because I can send and receive data from so many devices, with less cables. :nerd_face:

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