I'll pay a guy to jump on a call with me and help me set my pyramid up. I have wasted too much time trying tbh

I’ll pay a guy to jump on a call with me and help me set my pyramid up. I have wasted too much time trying tbh. if you have a little time to spare let me know I we can make something work.

Thank you

If you post your questions (the more specific the better) here:

we will do it for free.


I can fully relate.

But the problem is if someone “helps” you set it up, if/when you run i to a problem however slight, you may not be able to repair the problem in a reasonable amount of time and/or by yourself.

And a problem could manifest while youre setting up for a gig.

It’s not terribly complex. The learning curve is MUCH more shallow if you understand basic MIDI.

Suggestion: similar to Peter’s comment, we’re all here and there’s plenty of problem solvers. Id imagine if you need more realtime assistance, one or two can be around when youre trounleshooting to at least answer q’s close to realtime…like a MIDI coffee klatch! LOL

But yeah: honestly its better to hire 1 on 1 consultation sessions to set up and even to learn.

Good luck!

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aren’t you the one who expected audio coming out of the pyramid? do you still expect that?

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Hey man…

Great points… but honestly I have been busy lately that I just feel overwhelmed. Eventually I’d have to dig into the basics more.

Do you know how I can get a consultation for this type of thing?

Also, your support and the support of the community is just outstanding!!

Thank you

Hahaha… no, now I understand what the pyramid can and cannot do.

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Thank you Peter. This is really a great community. So here is what I did.

(1) tried having it work with Ableton. Ableton was picking up midi signal and when I played my keyboard it lit up on my pyramid. Other than that I could get the pyramid to work to make any sounds in Ableton. I used a VST even with my limited knowledge of VSTs.

The second thing is I have my OP-Z (with oplab midi module) hooked it up to my pyramid and couldn’t figure out how to make them work together.

Bare with me cause I feel that I may be a little impatient here with the Learning curve

Thank you very much

do you mean it did NOT make any sound?

in ableton, have you enabled the pyramid as a midi input source in ableton preferences?

a) you need to ensure OP-Z is correctly configured to send/receive midi, and know which channel its sent on.

b) then you should look on pyramid to see if its receiving midi (settings->info->midi input) , if not … repeat step a)

c) ensure channel on pyramid is set to the correct output (e.g. usb midi ch1)

as others have said, unfortunately something like midi routing is not something you can just setup and then leave the same… you tend to end up altering it over time, so you need to build up an understanding of how to configure things… as painful as that feels at first :wink: