"IHM Loop" Bug in PyraOS 3.1 (stereo CV-in)

In pyra3.1 there is still the same bug when using the “stereo CV in” option.
Huge Downer if you want to use CV signals for Effect modulation etc.

1.) "…select in SETTINGS if you want to assign a mono
jack or a stereo jack with CV/PEDAL > CV IN MODE =

2.)Hold ASSIGN and plug a mini jack on the input you want
to assign (CV input or GATE input), the assign manager
display will appear. Then select the CC message or the
FX you want to assign.

3.) Run into the “IHM loop” Bug

Is this somehow related to tracks in euclid mode?!
Anyone else having this problems?

As this bug persists since the stereo CV option was implemented in one of the earlier beta OS versions, will there be an solution for this soon?

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Hi @konrad
Yes, we will soon release a patch, including this bug fix. Sorry for that problem!