Idea for new track type

Hi, I have an idea but I thought first I would see if there’s a way to do this already.

Recently while building a sequence chain, I realized if I created a track on the first sequence of the chain and set this to free with lots of bars, I could essentially record across the entire chain as an overall sequence. But, if you go back and work in the tracks you don’t hear this track unless you’re in the first sequence. If you turn on the track in other sequences it starts from the beginning which doesn’t work. So here’s the idea:

A new track type:


In sequence mode this track would sync to the current chain’s bars. It’s whole purpose is to create a track that’s available to the chain. The cool part is that if you had to go in and edit a sequence that was in the chain, this track would play from where it is in the chain. Essentially the amount of bars of the chain track during that part of the chain would play only if you were in PLAY mode with a chain.

This is equal to creating a overall midi track in Ableton that’s the length of the song.

Curious if this is interesting or perhaps I’m missing a function that would allow me to do this. I’m pretty new to Squarp and still learning.

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Hey there.
so, I’m not really that familiar with Seq mode since I don’t use it, but I was playing with it today to see if I can understand what you’re suggesting.

In my understanding, if you set a Track for Free Mode, it will start when you Press Play irrespective of whether it is Muted or Unmuted in the Seq.

Assume 4/4 meter
let’s say Track 01 is 16 bars long and set to Free Mode
Track 02 is 8 bars long and set to Relatch
Track 03 is 8 bars long and set to Relatch

Seq01 Unmutes Track02, all others Muted
Seq02 Unmutes Track03 and Track01, but Track 02 is Muted

If you play Seq01 for 8 bars, then play Seq02, Track01 will start at Measure 9

If Track 01 is 100 bars long and you play Seq01 for 80 bars, and then play Seq02, you will hear Track01 at bar 81.

Is this what you mean?

Apologies if I misunderstood your query. I’m not terribly bright, but I like to hang out with all y’all smrt people! :wink: Keep in mind Pyramid uses a slightly different terminology - at least it was difficult for me to wrap my head around things that were different than the standards I thought I was familiar with (such as, i don’t think of a “Sequence” as a snapshot of Track Mute states and Pattern selections!)

And even if I’m completely out to lunch on trying to figure out what you’re asking (it’s not you, it’s me. really), you can always submit Feature Requests via the Contact page at

However, I can’t speak for the dev team, but I’m thinking most of the features for the Pyramid are in it and there won’t be much more in the pipeline.

Regardless of whether we’re on the same page, the Pyramid is so incredibly flexible that if you’re willing to explore things like loopbacks or incorporating MIDI Event Processors, you can actually achieve some extremely potent tweaks and could quite possibly affect the system exactly how you’re imagining.


Hi! That’s exactly what I was thinking. Essentially a track that matches the current chain. I agree about the feature pipeline!