Idea for future update - (device) names for outputs

I just thought of this: How about having the possibility to name each and every input/output in the Pyramid setup for the device connected to it?

Say you have a bunch of instruments connected to the Pyramid outputs, like Megasynth X connected to Port A on channel 1, Polysynth Y to Port A on channel 5, Bassynth Z to Port B on channel 2 and Drum Machine 777 to Port B on channel 10.

If the names (or abbreviations) of those instruments were displayed on the Pyramid instead of the Port/MIDI channel whenever those ports and channels were selected it would be easy to know which instrument you had on a specific track. Instead of Pyramid displaying ‘Port A, CH 1’, it would then display ‘Megasynth X’ whenever that port/midi channel combination was selected.

The device names could be entered in the Setup menu and should preferably be stored with the Projects.

I hope this makes sense. What do you think?

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Yep, it’s called instrument definitions, which should also include names for CC assignments… already been requested by several people… I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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interesting side note: the Midi Association have now adopted MIDI-CI (capability inquiry) , which aims to solve this in a more general way :slight_smile:

of course, will require manufactures to start implementing, and we wont see on old devices, but good to see it being tackled.


wow, better late than never eh?

Also if you don’t mind having a default track layout, you could name the tracks with the synth names.

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This is actually a major step forward… this can enable DAWs and hardware step sequencers to behave like the Elektron boxes for per-step automation of MIDI CCs: if the sequencer knows what the preset values for the synth’s parameters are, it can do the same as the Elektron sequencer: change the value for a chosen step and then jump back to the preset value instead of staying at the new value…

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older thread:

also had a similar thread on the old forum.

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