I just ordered a Hapax! (Order update?)

You requested we held your order so you’ll be home when it arrives, so we did.

Guess you misunderstood :wink: If it was going to be send out this week you could send it to my address in Holland which I gave to you also because DHL Express arrives in 1 to 3 days max. So if possible please send it out still today to the address I provided to you.

You’ll have to wait until next week :wink:

Well this is frustrating, I received the tracking DHL code on Wednesday, it’s now Sunday. I would expect to see it make its way towards me in the UK and the tracking would be updated daily.

How far has it gone in 5 days, zero, nada, not 1cm, its still stuck in Paris/France, where it was first scanned in! No tracking additions since then.

I assumed that the Duty/Import Tax was holding it up but I pre-paid DHL and its still not moving !

If this is DHL “Express!” I’d hate to see normal DHL!

Anyone else had this problem?

the tracking number is created when the production order is in process, not when it’s necessarily actually ready to ship out, e.g., many June batch orders had a tracking number for months while we waited for the replacement faceplates to be manufactured

Yes… very normal. You (like me) just got an notification that the shipping label was purchased/created. The reason it hasn’t moved a single cm is because DHL don’t have anything to move yet. They haven’t collected them yet.

Ok, thanks guys.

Looking forward to getting mine this week and hoping I’ll gel with it like you have!

I also think that due to the Royal Mail strikes and disruptions, many other couriers are taking that additional load and are experiencing slow down. The only ones that seem unaffected are Amazon and DPD. I’ve had trouble with all other couriers.

Jimbo, when did you order yours?

Ordered mine the august 23rd and still waiting for the DHL tracking number. It’s too hard to wait since my Pyramid is gone. I’m stuck, I need a sequencer.

@enthalpi Your unit was dispatched this afternoon. I’ll send you the tracking number, though you should have received it.


Hey - ordered mine on 9th September and understand it’ll be posted today. Fingers and toes crossed

@Thibault_Squarp I Love you ! Thanks !

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looks like i might end up getting mine this week, that’s the current estimate now that DHL has picked it up and it’s en route. (i ordered August 4)

Mine must be not too far behind - ordered September 16th

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So end of Aug orders are shipped? Great news! :man_dancing:
Mine was on 28th, looking forward to connect hapax to my virus and peak and to dive deeply into sequencica psychodelica :wink:

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I ordered on the 31st of august and haven’t had the shipping email yet. Maybe we’re in the next lot?

huh… i ordered on Sept 4th and i haven’t received any updates since i ordered. how did you come to understand that yours would be sent out today?

I sent them a message from the order confirmation email and got this reply last Thursday:

Hi James !
Indeed, I think your order will be shipped tomorrow or Monday at the latest !
Thank you for your understanding !

Despite the above I didn’t receive a courier confirmation email yet, so perhaps it hasn’t been shipped……