I Have to press the Rec, Seq Track, and Step buttons multiple times to change modes

So the title pretty much gives it away :). I have a newly purchased, today!!!, Squarp Pyramid. I really like it so I don’t want to send it back which has me hoping this is something silly I am doing. When I push the Rec, Step, Track, and Seq buttons I most of the time must press those multiple times before the function will change. Is this normal?


kinda? like if you’re in Step mode and want to switch over to Track mode, you can (1) press Track once and hold to switch between tracks on the fly; or (2) double-press Track to be able to actually mute/unmute tracks

so yes, it sometimes does take double-pressing to navigate between different modes – though I think single tapping Live mode always brings it up

and then holding down a given mode button while turning (or pressing and turning) the encoder switches between sub-modes for that mode, e.g., note entry v. chord entry v. Euclidean in Step mode

it’s probably (definitely) going to be somewhat overwhelming at first. but master the functions of one mode at a time before comfortably switching between modes without thinking consciously of the workflow. it takes some time learning the basics before it becomes second nature

these buttons also have a hold function, so a single press is quite short.

seen quite a few new users (including me) find it finicky at first…
try just very quickly pressing and releasing the button.

I think the problem is, when you’re new to it, if the button doesn’t switch modes, your natural reaction is to press it longer/firmer to make it ‘register’ , but that actually makes the problem worst :wink:

of course once you’ve used it a while, you just stab button, and boom… so you don’t even notice this anymore.

note: this assumes its a new unit… after a (quite) few years of use, I found mine benefited from cleaning the contacts. this is not uncommon with instruments. Ive done it on a few synths too.
(Im in a fairly dry/dusty environment which I think doesn’t help this)


OMG that was totally it. I was pressing too long. TY for the help!!! :slight_smile: I really didn’t want to send the Pyramid back.


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