Hz/V output on CV/Gate

Is anyone using Hz/V on the CV/Gate output of their Pyramid. I have a Yamaha CS-15 that does not seem to track properly using this setting. I don’t believe that it is the synth itself, but I am curious if anyone is using the CV out in a non-1v/Oct setting. I tried different power supplies and CV settings and the tracking is pretty off. I have a first generation Pyramid, so I don’t know if I need to follow a calibration procedure.

So, the Yamaha range is a bit odd : -125mv to +4v. I wonder if it is even possible to get it to track using the pyramid.

I also have difficulties tracking a Korg MS 20 via CV. I have tried with the mini version AND the old version. Both are tuned to pitch, and when disconnected from cv they both track normal (not out of tune).
I also tried the “cv out fine” but to no avail.
Does the squarp have difficulties tracking in HZ/V?

I tried everything. It just doesn’t do it properly, and I tried CV calibrations, EVERYTHING. I think Squarp should take the Hz/V option out of CV as it is isn’t functional and could free up some resources. It was disappointing to discover this, but the Pyramid does a thousand other wonderful things, so I just decided to move on.