How would you set up the Pyramid in my situation?

Hi all. I am close to buying a pyramid, but I have not seen much info on using it in setups similar to mine. It is nothing crazy, but here is what I have:

RME 802 (1 MIDI in/out) for my audio ins
Ableton 10 (for track byrecord, mix and arrange)
Model D synth (into PC via USB Midi- audio to RME)
DeepMind 12 (same as Model D)
Digitakt for drums (same setup as both above)

I’d like to program my sequences on the pyramid and then use the digitakt for fine tuning each step (Plocks mainly, I imagine the pyramid can handle the rest).

Ideally I would like to swap USB on the deepmind and model D with MIDI and send those into the Squarp. I could also send MIDI from the squarp to the Digitakt as well.

To do this setup, I am guessing I need some kind of MIDI setup. Maybe something like a Mio4?

Any advice is appreciated!