How to use the pyramid in a Live-Gig situation?

Hello Community

I just got the Pyramid and i understand the concept more or less,
there is just one thing which i dont really understand and cant figure out.

Is it possible to jump from one project to the next without having to stop the live performance.
It would be amazing if i could pre programm my songs in the sequence mode and step trough from one song (project) to the next one.

Thanks for any input!

syncload does not work for you?

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i will try and let you know thank you!

Okey maybe this could do the trick thank you!
I can have something running on the Octatrack and start into this with the pyramid but i guess they could implenment something to jump projects without having to stop it or that you are able to make much more sequences … i think that wouldent be a to hard task to program…

I haven’t used sync load yet, thx for the tip @CreepyPants (also here’s the ref for it in the manual:

I have a Keystep that goes direct to a synth so I can play live but that also means I can use it to play some stuff while I switch programs with the other hand… Bus/Aux Effects like delay feedback can also fill the space so there isn’t a silence. :slight_smile: