How to set a pattern length of 15 steps?

It’s not very intuitive to set a bar length of say 15 steps. I can’t figure out a way to do this properly… Changing the time signature to 15/4 gives me 60 steps (zoom level x4)

Changing the time signature to 15/16 zoom level x1 (which is ideally what I want) works but then all my LFOs and arps are speed up massively.

Am I missing something obvious?


Works for me if i set time signature to 16:4, zoom level to 1 and track length to 15. LFOs seem ok.

Thanks for testing - but if zoom level is x1 then I’m getting quarter notes when I really just want 1 bar of 16th notes, with a bar length of 15.

So zoom level x4, time signature 15/16, length 15 steps. the arps runs crazy fast which is what I would expect - just wondered if there was a better way to get 15 16th notes in a pattern of 1 bar :slight_smile:

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If you use a OS Version before 4.0 you could simply take an euclidian track (15/16) and use the consolidate feature to turn it into a normal step track.
Sadly they have changed this witch 4.0, so I use again OS version 3.23 :confused:

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