How to send program change to a NordDrum 2

could someone help me out here and walk me through please? seems I’m missing the basics. neither manuals giving me the insight I need… …
soooo the MSB for the nord bank select is 0… and then what? LSB is the actual bank and PC the program?.. this doesn’t do it, so I suppose I 'm way off with my assumptions here… anyone?imed events/notes

edit: so I figured out that sending on the ND2s global channel makes it react somehow to changes when I twist some knobs but it doesn’t seem to change on timed events/notes… wonder what the logic behind is

Yes, MSB to 00, LSB is the bank, PC is the program. It’s working fine in my case. For the bank (LSB) keep in mind, that the ND2 starts with P01, but the Pyramid LSB with 00, so P01 is 00, P02 is 01, P03 is 02 and so on.

hey thanks for chiming in and confirming - I can slowly make some(!) sense of it.

What I am trying to achieve is multiple program changes during the length of a track.

Guess that`s now quite how it works and I would have to sacrifice a few dummy tracks to make this work as PC is send only on pattern start (or is it unmuting?). I am now experimenting with placing CC steps on a dummy track (which I need anyway to send something on the global channel)…

Yes, you can create more tracks with different PC settings, and if you unmute the next track (and mute the previous one at the same time) the program change will be done. And certainly you can create different sequences in SEQ mode with the different mute states, and when you change the sequence, the program will be changed as well.

thanks again - it’s not quite the workflow I was hoping for but at least I now kind of understand what I have to do.

I realize that CC steps on a dummy track will only set the value but not initiate the PC itself - only for the future change the next time the track is triggered. I suppose there’s no way to sequence the mute state of a track?

I wish track start would trigger the PC and not only unmute… this way I could use chance FX, CC steps and shorter track lengths to get different program changes… I 'm thinking many many PCs - maybe every bar - or even shorter…and going the route of creating sequences would require hundreds of combinations as I am already having quite a few variations of the beat itself. maybe i should experiment with an external controller instead… although I would like to have this all in one device…

wonder if there’s another way to initiate PC - thanks again for your help!