How to send a PG message from a Pyramid to a Microfreak?

How to send a PG message from a Pyramid to a Microfreak?
I can’t send program changes to the Microfreak (Arturia) from a Pyramid (Squarp instrument).
I tested sending[Message Bank (MSB and LSB) + Programm Change] without success.
There is a Miditech Thrux4 box between the two, but without any active filtering.
Does anyone have an idea, or the same problem?
Thank you.

Comment envoyer à un Microfreak un message de PG depuis un Pyramid ?
je ne parviens pas à envoyer des changements de programme au Microfreak (Arturia) depuis un Pyramid (Squarp instrument).
J’ai testé l’envoi de [Message Bank (MSB et LSB) + Programm Change] sans succès.
Il y a un boitier Miditech Thrux4 entre les 2, mais sans aucun filtrage actif.
Quelqu’un a une idée, ou le même problème ?

I’m testing my Microfreak right now and the Pyramid is successfully sequencing program changes by sending program change CC messages. No need to send MSB or LSB. Setting the channel’s PC value (in 2nd + TRACK) also works.

I’m using Microfreak firmware v1.1.2
1.1.2 is required for program change support, if I’m understanding this changelog correctly.

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Indeed, the source of the problem was the Microfreak firmware that was not up to date at delivery.
Now it’s a pleasure to play them together!

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