How to Programm Change during Song


I am a new Pyramid user and I am having a blast with it currently, but I have on issue with program changes. It seems, that Pyramid sends them whenever a project is loaded. (When I defined it on 2nd+Track)

I can change the program of my synth to what ever I want, when I load the project, the program change is sent and the synth switches to the correct one.

Thats great, BUT:

I would like to change a program during the song, and I seem to miss, how this is done.

In Sequence 1 I want Synth A to Play Program 1
In Sequence 2 I want Synth A to Play Program 2

Is this possible?

Thanks, Jens

Hi @Uija,

Glad you’re having fun :slight_smile:

As per the Pyramid manual, mode step, section “CC messages stepmode”

You should be able to place Program Change messages in the first step of your sequences.



Thanks a ton. Played around yesterday with it. Works like a blast!

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