How to get another 16 channels of MIDI?

Hi, I toyed with an idea of finding a USB MIDI host of a kind that would enable me to use USB port on Pyramid to be converted to another 16 channels of MIDI In/Out via DIN sockets without having to use a computer in between.
Is this possible (or just call me mad :slight_smile: ) and would this machine be able to do it for me: High-Speed USB MIDI Host Box - DOREMiDi ?

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Looks like it would work to me.
I just use a USB Hub connected to an Event Processor that I use for routing.
Be sure to get the power option since the Pyramid needs to be powered via the USB.

I think the only thing you’d have to sort out is the power. I think you can get usb cables that are two-to-one so you can inject power while having your data interface with more midi stuffs. I’m curious how this will work out as i’ve sorta thought about it myself. So please, experiment and tell us everything.

I use a MIO 10 for this. Works great. It is sadly no longer made but has been replaced with the MIOXl you could aslo use the mioXM if you don’t need all the ports

They all have multiple USB ports that act as hosts so you can plug any class compliant device into them. They also have multiple MIDI Din ports and will also act as a MIDI interface for your computer. So your computer, Pyramid, synths, and controllers all talk to each other like a network

The doremidi usb host has two USB ports, one for power and one to act as the host link. I use doremidi a lot. The do work best when you power them. The thru boxes work without additional power, unless you daisy chain them. The midi merge box doesnt work without power.

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