How to change track selection (larger black surround)?

Still missing something obvious, no doubt!

MIDI Omni in Multibank A
Two keyboards, one on MIDI CH 1 and the other on MIDI CH 2
Records two tracks, one from each keyboard

Now, I need to explicitly tell each track WHICH MIDI OUTPUT channel to use.

In track mode, how do I change the selected track, so when I press the MIDI pad, the data encoder will tell THAT TRACK which MIDI channel to use to send that track MIDI data out through to the synth?

I can do this all day on the FIRST track
I can solo or mute any track
But how do I tell the Pyramid to change the default selection from Track 1 to Track 2?

Please be kind!

All I want from the Pyramid is recording two MIDI channels simultaneously and then play back to the two distinct MIDI channels, to the same keyboard/synth which was recorded on that channel.

Keyboard 1 talking to one synth listening on MIDI CH 1, recorded by Pyramid and played back by Pyramid to the same channel as it received.

Ditto for Keyboard 2 only on MIDI CH 2

Thought I had this working WITHOUT having to tell Pyramid the way I want it but had to sell one synth and the configuration changed and now the two tracks are NOT playing back discretely on the MIDI channel on which the recording was captured.

No diss to this great machine, only on the idiot operator!


I have zero clue as to what youre asking, but I’ll try:

Do you want to change which Track youre editing so you can define the Track Parameters? Track Mode, hold [Track] + press pad attributed to the track you want to edit

If you want to change which port and channel the MIDI data is output, there are a bunch of ways to get there:
2nd + track
Track + channel

All of these that ive suggested so far are quite clearly in the manual, so im probably offering the wrong solution

I have no idea what you mean by "default selection "

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Hey CreepyPants, you gave me the answer!

I knew I was missing something obvious (doh!)

I did read a print out of the manual, the Track section only, a couple of times and still did not find the simple answer: When in Track mode, just hold track button and select the pad corresponding to the track number.

By default selection, I meant that the first track was always selected by default, with the larger black square surrounding the track number 1.

You are not confused, it is my confusion.

As the digital gods willed, when I just went to confirm your answer (which as soon as you said it, I went “A ha!”) the Pyramid did the right thing:
Recorded on two MIDI channels and without needing to tell it anything, played back on the two MIDI channels flawlessly.

There is something that seems to happen when trying to get something working in complex systems which should be simple: the brain farts make it hard to think straight!

I know that I am using a super powerful tool to do something pretty basic but I still love my Pyramid, even when I can’t reason with her sometimes.

Thank you for weighing in so generously and kindly getting me back on track!
(rim shot!)

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