How to change Layer settings

Hi people,
I apologize in advance if this is a repetition of an already existing question/discussion etc.

I got my Rample recently and I love this thing, but I have a question:
How I can change the “LAYERS” settings?
I mean by default if I enter layer of any kit it is visible that samples are playing in Random order, so I would like to change that. I didn’t find such option in Options menu and I checked the manual and didn’t find anything about that, only:

" If the “LAYERS” setting is set to “MANUAL”, you can manually select the layer with the main encoder. Press the encoder to listen to the selected layer while scrolling through them."

But how to enter “LAYERS” setting to set to “MANUAL” no idea :slight_smile:
thanks in advance!


Thanks but it does not help! I can also see this picture :slight_smile:

but how to set Layers to Manual?

Sometimes I have difficulty with English.
Perhaps I did not understand your query correctly.

I read:

I interpret this to mean: How do I select an SP on the Rample and set the Layers Mode to be Manual selection so that I may manually select the layer with the Main Encoder.

If that is your query, and if I understand the Rample Manual correctly, then:

However, if that is not your question, I sincerely apologise for my lack of understanding (possibly due to under caffeination). We may have to pause until someone smarter comes along to answer your question, which again: I apologise.

If you’d like, you can also try restating the query so that I might understand a bit more clearly? Apologies you have to jump through that extra hoop.


Edit to Add: Apologies again. Perhaps you mean selecting the Layer Mode via MIDI then? This is also in the Manual at the end. MIDI CC 60 sets the Layer Mode for all 4 SP’s, or you can send MIDI CC 6x to set the Layer Mode for SPx (where x=1,2,3, or 4 for which SP you wish to control).

now I feel bad after such response! :slight_smile:
thank you sir, you did answer on my question :innocent:

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