How the F do I get my Pyramid up and running

Hey guys,

I am absolutely frustrated at getting my pyramid to work. I do not have any hardware experience aside from owning a TE OP-Z. I must say the set up of the Pyramid seems like the most unintuitive thing to me.

I am so confused how I can get it connected using midi. I looked into the manual and I couldn’t make sense of the illustration they had up.

also, I connected it Ableton and although it recognizes it I am unable to get anything playing off of it. Do I need to install a driver? How do I make it act as a standalone control surface using Ableton?

I literally spent hours looking into this from youtube to google to find someone setting it up from zero and couldn’t.

your support please

Thank you


And remember to breathe. :wink:

Im confused as to what you are trying to do. Start in small bits maybe - perhaps connect the Pyramid to OP Z. See if you can send MIDI data that way using Live Mode.

And be sure to review the manual.
Again and again.

I dont really use Ableton all that much - just superficially. When you say “control surface”, what are you expecting Pyramid to do? I think of control surface as a controller like APC 40 or MIDIFighter.


you’ll definitely need to be better at manuals and digging if you want to play this game.

My guess you want to figure out how to ensure the play/stop midi commands are being sent from ableton (assuming you’re slaving the pyramid). You’ll probably also wanna figure out how to ensure ableton is the master clock. There’s likely going to be nuance you’ll need to uncover regarding latency and other fun bs too.

Anyways, if you really love this stuff, time to get committed and dig deep.


Oh yeah…latency! So much fun indeed.
Or what i find going in/out a computer i get hellacious jitter.

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Hey man,

Thanks for the reply. Yeah regarding my OP-Z my extention midi module is in the mail so ill definitely be trying something with that.

One thing that I am still confused about, given my limited knowledge in hardware setup, where does the audio come out of the Pyramid. I am used to have a 3.5mm jack or 1/4 inch. All I see is midi in and out. what if I only have the Pyramid and no other sequencers can it still work?


Yeah this requires more patience than I thought. there is a lot of stuff I gotta learn it seems to have a good live setup,

Thank for the advise brother

its a midi/cv sequencer - no audio.

I think you need to take a step back, grab a coffee, and watch this

then follow thru what loopop does with your pyramid.

you can also walk thru squarps video tutorials


If youre looking for where the audio jack for the Pyramid is, then i STRONGLY suggest you find a MIDI Basics tutorial or 3 before doing anything else.

Your question is like showing up for a baseball game in hockey gear. That will make more sense and youll realise what’s wrong with your question after grokking at least one decent tutorial.

Im old, so i dont know where the current good online tutorial stuff is, but might be a good place to start.


Haha damn. I must take a few steps back then. Thank you for the advise

Awesome… thank you very much man :pray: