How is clock sync with Hapax / Ableton?

How are you operating clock sync with a daw? Any issues?

Does the hapax benefit from something like a midiclock ?

The timing is fine, with the normal ‘drift’ you get from having a computer as the master clock. Your mileage may vary, but I’ve never encountered any issues. You can see a variation of +/- 0.2bpm at the most from my PC from Reaper, with similar results when I was trying from Ableton a while ago (there were some issues in the original firmware, but fixed for a long time now)

Similarly, dinSync and MIDI slaves all behave as expected, sometimes there is a slight lag on the starting of a dinSync device, which again, you might find annoying, but I just stop and restart and it’s fine. Maybe I’m too easy going.

That said, I do think everyone would benefit from something like an E-RM MIDIclock+, a friend of mine has a Multiclock and it’s amazing, but whether it’s worth the cost for you is another matter…


I say generally daw/hardware clock timing it all ‘depends’
(rather independent of hapax or daw used… as you’l see it as a common discussion everywhere)

some musicians, some genres are really picky about a tight sync…
so you’ll see them, zooming in on audio looking at sample level for it not being in-sync… as they are concerned by things like phasing.

others, say doing ambient, couldn’t care a hoot :wink:

also frankly, your computer setup will have an effect on how much latency and more importantly jitter you have.

if you fall into/lean towards the first camp , indeed something like midi clock will help… for any daw/hardware integration.

the main issue with sync is jitter (since latency can be compensated for) , this is a fact of life when using serial devices (e.g. usb) on general purpose computers… as they do not prioritise this data (it was design for printers/storage not time sensitive data :wink: (*) )
some computer/operating systems will suffer this more/less … which also adds to why some claiming terrible results, and others being fine.

the likes of midiclock get around this by using audio, which is non serial, and has guaranteed timing in all OSs … however, you can do the same with CV ! (as its the same thing)

of course, you still have the issue of managing latency - things like midiclock often have features in this area too… not so much needed for daw setups (as daws have latency compensation), but when mixing hardware its useful since very few hardware devices have delay compensation.

tl;dr; suck it n’ see…

these things are not cheap, and frankly… they can still be a bit of a pain to setup… they are not a magic bullet… BUT they do have a real function.

a few years back, I went through a phase of pixel peaking latency and jitter… trying to get the perfect sync. a really frustrating time, and I very nearly bought a midiclock.
but instead, I took a step back/deep breath, and stopped looking at the issue - and found I was fine to live with it… I really didnt think it made a lot of (sonic) difference (and you can handle it post-recording), and tried to just be a bit more relaxed about it :slight_smile:
that worked for me…

but I can imagine for many it doesn’t, for them… I can see biting the bullet, and getting one is a good investment … as its used every session, and will (generally) help solve the issue. (**)

(*) frankly, usb midi standard should never been done on the serial protocol, but was done so as its was easy to implement - so we are all stuck with it !

(**) btw: dont looks for cheap alternatives… esp those that just do it via midi… if its not an audio interface to the computer… it will not resolve the issue.
(Ricky Tinez made this mistake when looking for a cheap solution… and he now swears by erm midiclock)

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Im using Expert Sleepers Usamo in Ableton and I get great timing.

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Me too.

Btw, a (midi) latency compensation (timing offset per track) inside Hapax would be awesome. It could be stored inside instrument defenitions.


I’d love this

Getting great sync using a Circuit Happy Missing Link → micro USB to USB-A → sync via USB host. You can offset the sync by a defined number of ms which really helps get the timing tight.


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