How does Hermod handles midi pitchbend data?


I actually have two questions:

  • How does the Hermod handles pitchbend data? I presume it adds or subtracts to the note cv yes?

I want to use an ipad running the app scalegen to send microtonal scales to the modular, and was thinking of using Hermod as a midi-to-cv sequencer. This ipad app sends midi note+pitchbend data to create the microtones. Has anyone tried to do this? Does it work or can it work well?

  • Another question is whether tHermod records and loops unquantized cv that is sent to its cv input, or whether it quantizes it to the nearest midi notes. Again, I would like to use a ribbon controller sending cv and gate to hermod (unquantized cv playing “fretless” pitches) and would like it to be reproduced as played, not quantized.
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That are good questions indeed!

Were you able to save the microtonal scales in Hermod? I’m interested in doing the same thing…

Yes. Hermod records microtonal notes (midi note+pitchbend data) pretty accurately, sending cv and gate to an oscillator.