How do you transport your pyramid to a live gig?

I looove the pyramid and especially its size and flexible design.
so I took the machine of course already to all of my shows I played the last two years.
Sadly it slowly shows off some transport caused issues, for example the encoders start getting quirky and my touchpad has a very tiny little crack due to transport reasons.
im not the kind of a person treating a workhorse like a raw egg thats for sure. I would just be sooo happy to have a gig bag for it. anyone has the same opinion about a softbag or anything like it.
how do you all transport your pyramid except for putting it into a Juteshopping clothhhy bag?


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CASEMATIX makes these customizable hardshell cases for around $45 USD where you “pick and pluck” the perforated foam to create cavities inside to fit whatever you want. Camera guys seem to love them. The hardshell is sturdy but is all plastic so it’s not quite that SKB feel of rigidity. The one I have is for a Novation Circuit that mostly lives under a bed so I don’t have any direct experience with its durability on the road.

One minor longevity concern of mine is the flimsy plastic clasps. They look beefy but they just barely “snap”. Maybe it’s a manufacturing error on mine. Over time I imagine they’ll wear down and won’t clasp anymore.

If you encounter one and can test that the clasps are nice and chunky I’d say this is a good reasonably affordable option for the Pyramid.

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I have a big piece of wood that I’ve stained black and lined with velcro. Then I have the pyramid and a bunch of my synths that also have velcro on them so they stuck to the board. The board then fits in a gator case with a bunch of the synths affixed.

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niiiice thats a good suggestion thx.
exactly what I was looking for

i did the same, but cut the cavities manually.
and using a regular padded DJ backpack to transport my gear (MC-707 + Pyramid + DSI Tetra).

airflights are another story, but the solution will remain the same, just in harder case.