How do sequences relate to tracks?

So, I’m sure I’ll figure this out when I eventually get the machine, but trying to figure this out. None of the videos I’ve seen have been too clear and this, and I find the manual not too clear on it either.

If I’m in track mode and have a few muted tracks and such, how do I make a sequence out of it? Just click sequence and a pad? If I then go back to track mode and mute a few other tracks and change a few patterns, will that then change the first sequence I made or what? How do I not mess up the first sequence I made by doing this? And how do I make a new sequence?

I’m sure I’ll figure it out, but just wanting to know exactly how you navigate between the two without messing up sequences before I get it. :slight_smile: spending every spare minute in between all the Xmas yip yap trying to understand it, hehe.

Nevermind. Found this, and it’s well explained there. :slight_smile:


a useful note ( probably not covered in the above, as they came latter)
if patterns are enabled, then you can have different patterns for each sequence step.