How do I record notes + modulation simultaneously?

When I play a melody or bassline, I often want to play and record modulation along with the notes I’m playing, as one track. How can I do this? Right now, I only seem to be able to record modulation completely separately from notes, on a separate track.

Could this be done by adding an option to the MIDI effect like “Aftertouch to velocity” but instead “Mod wheel to velocity”?

Hey, unless I’m missing something here, I guess we’d need another type of track for this purpose, a kind of hybrid track, even if it uses 2 tracks, we should be able to record the mod and the notes simultaneously. I don’t even know if we can record multiple tracks simultaneously. I’ve been thinking about it… do you need to record and send to Midi or to CV ? Why do you want to map the mod (cc1) to velocity ? I don’t know if a simple “ mono note track” also records the CC1 or any other Continuous controller at the moment, I don’t think the manual mentions that but I owned Hermod for only a couple of days… it could be useful to be able to route some CC recorded to any parameter, at least 1 or 2, including velocity or anything else… anyway, cc1 is not an option in the mod matrix yet.

Right now, each track seems to be limited to a few predefined combinations, for example with “3 voices” you can get 3 note polyphony or mono + velocity + aftertouch. Instead of the latter, why not mono + A + B where A and B can both be user-selected from a list like velocity, aftertouch, mod wheel, breath, or any other CC?

Actually, instead of mono + A + B, it should be A + B + C where A, B and C can be user-selected from a list like:

  • note pitch (ie. mono)
  • velocity
  • aftertouch
  • mod wheel
  • breath
  • any other CC

(gate could also be selected in this way, provided there were things to select)