How do I make a 15 step pattern?

I want to make a pattern with 15 steps, so it goes out of sync when looping.
How do I do that?

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This really depends how you have your Pyramd set up. There are two mode: Polymeter and Polyrhythm.

If Polyrhythms is selected, Pyramid apply true polyrhythms when different time signatures are used. If you select a 3:4 time signature you will have bars of 3 quarter notes, but the bar will have the same duration as a 4/4 bar. The bar size is the same, but the beat differs.

If Polymeters is selected, all quarter notes remain the same. If you select a 3/4 time signature you will have bars of 3 quarter notes, and each quarter note will have the same length than the 4/4 ones. The length of the bar differ, but the beat unit remains the same. The polymetric mode is easier to understand than the Polyrhythmic one because it doesn’t mix several speeds.

I would really recommend trying to wrap your head around it. It really opens up a new world :slight_smile:

So to your question. 15 steps.
I am guessing you want the “normal” 4/4 1bar of 15 steps.

In polyrhythm mode: Set Track Lenght to 3 3/4 (press and hold the main encoder to do fine adjustments), set Track Zoom to X1 and Time Signature to 4/14. Voila.

In polymeter mode: Set Time Signature to 15/16 and set Track Zoom to X1. Voila.

Hope this helps :wink:


Thanks a lot!!! Sorry for the late reply, I got distracted by real life :-/

I thought I understoood the polyrhythm implementation until I saw 4/14 in the answer!!! Why 14? Or did you mean 4?

I reckon I meant 4/16.
Just try it out yourself :wink:

I would if I owned one! But in fact I finally decided to pull the trigger and placed my order this week