How do I assign the mod strip to affect things in Hermod?

I use an Arturia Keystep connected to Hermod via USB device. Works splendidly. However, I can’t get the mod strip to do anything in Hermod. Can someone help me understand how to assign it and how Hermod has to be setup to use it? An example use case that I’d like is for the mod strip to control vibrato on a mono channel being use for pitch/gate. Thank you :pray:t2:

If you set the track layout to modulation, the mod strip will control the CV out for that track.

Thanks for the reply. What if I want to be playing notes on a track 1 and use the mod strip to add vibrato on command? I can’t get that to work.

You can use the ModMatrix to do this.

CC 1 -> MIDI: finetune

a couple of different ways.

externally (so the more ‘generic way’)
cc1 -> mod -> out of hermod -> lfo (rate/depth) -> pitch/fm input on oscillator

internally (since hermod lfo can target pitchbend)
put lfo on track, then use mod matrix to assign cc1 to rate/depth

(you didn’t mention if you want mod wheel to alter depth of lfo or speed, but both are possible)