How can I play a sequence of my Pro3 / Rev2 from Hapax?

Hi, I would like to play and stop the internal sequences (patterns) of my Sequential-Synthesizers Pro3 and Rev2 from the Hapax. The manuals of the synths say this is possible with NRPN: 4188 Value 0-1 (Pro3), respectively NRPN: 1088 Value: 0-1 (Rev2).

So I did try:


:4188:7 Seq Play


32:92:7 Seq Play


:1088:7 Seq Play


8:64:7 Seq Play

But whenever I try to launch the sequence in the ASSIGN-Mode of the Hapax, nothing happens :roll_eyes:

This is the first time I have to use NRPN, because there is no CC available according to the manuals. What am I doing wrong? Could anyone be so kind and tell me what exactly I have to do?

P.S.: Midi parameter receive in global settings of the synth is set to NRPN. CC messages sent from the Hapax are being executed.

Have you set the value 0 and 1 of the automation steps by pressing the trigger and changing the value?

No, I pressed 2nd + FILL (ASSIGN-Mode), pressed one of the 8 encoders, then choose NRPN, and then set MSB to 32, LSB to 92 and DEPTH to 7 (and also tried14). I assume turning the encoder should play the sequencer on the synth.

What do you mean by “automation steps”? My goal is to launch and stop the synth’s sequencer from the Hapax. Just like I can launch the synth’s arpeggiator with CC. But unfortunately the sequencer has to be triggered by NRPN 4188 - according to the manual. And this is what does not work.

Sorry, read over the ASSIGN-Mode.

When using the automation option you can set the value of the individual steps to 0 (stop) and 1 (play).

Hope to have time today to see if I can get my Pro-3s seq running like this.

Seems like a bug on the pro-3 side;

One guy in that link says NRPN 4188 on the Pro3 does nothing while the same NRPN that is spec’d for Rev 2 works flawlessly.

I can’t get neither Pro3 nor Rev3 work. That’s a bit frustrating.

Can you temporarily hook up the output of the Hapax to a computer and monitor what is being sent?
That would help determine if
a) the Hapax is sending something out that port, and
b) it is sending what you wanted to be sent

If you know the Hapax is sending correctly, then it’s either the actual format/content of the message or a bug/config issue on the Sequential side of things.

In any case, with multiple components involved, you need to narrow down the problem.

Hello, thanks to all for your help. I did some research with a PC and a midi monitor program - as suggested.

Indeed the Pro3 is bugged and does not send any midi-data at all, when I trigger the internal sequencer. So I guess for the same reason it does not receive Seq Play.

According to the manual the Rev2 uses NRPN 1088. Actually it uses NRPN 4188.

So the Pro3 is bugged and the Rev2 has a faulty manual.Thank you Sequential.

The Hapax does everything right.