HOLD / RELATCH via external synth

Hello Pyramidos,

In Live Mode, I can’t get the HOLD / RELATCH function work when I play notes on my connected synth.

The synth goes (together with the other 2 synths) through a KENTON MERGE to the Pyramid IN, then the Pyramid OUT is connected to a KENTON THRU box back to the synths again.

When I use the keyboard pads of the Live Mode, there’s no problem. The manual says it should be possible to insert notes in HOLD or RELATCH mode via external keyboard though.

What’s wrong?


strange: with the same track active and multichannel still OFF, if I play notes on one of the other synths, then the hold / relatch function to that first synth works.

that somewhat limited midi-routing thing of pyramid is driving me nuts with my setup…

I just wanna be able to

  • record on the fly and playback with my synths, each completely independent of one other
  • still being able to play those synths live without changing tracks / channels / local on or off during a song
  • use pyramid fx and functionality like arp, hold / relatch when playing these synths

Are you pressing play first? Hold only works if the sequencer is running. and what do you mean by “insert notes”?

Are you pressing play first? Hold only works if the sequencer is running. and what do you mean by “insert notes”?

Yes, the pyramid is running as a slave, in sync with an MPC from my friend.

With ‘insert notes’ I meant playing notes (live).

I can get MIDI notes from ‘synth 1’ being recorded into the active track, but I can’t get notes being hold or relatched when I play the notes on the synth.

It only works:

  • within pyramid, with the piano keys of the pyramid

  • strangely enough, when I play on my other synths while the ‘synth 1’ track is still active. They send midi data to that active track, thus playing ‘Synth 1’, and those notes are possible to be hold / re-latched, as I would expect first from ‘synth 1’ of being possible to do that.

I don’t like the fact by the way that my 2 other synths send MIDI data to the active track of my other synth and vice versa.

“MULTICHANNEL BANK A …” etc… doesnn’t work for me, as you can only record one track per midi channel…

Hope one day I’ll figure out how to make my setup work properly, OR Squarp updates the OS with some better MIDI routing flexibility…

why don’t the hold and relatch modes work while the sequencer is not playing and why can’t I record the notes that are currently held/latched?

I just raised that question with Squarp last week because I also expected it to work even when not playing. They replied a couple days later saying it’s a ‘design decision’. It makes a bit of sense if you think it through, but can be unintuitive at first. I wish they’d document this behavior though, because it’s not first time I got confused by it.